President Greeting

We are continually growing as your strategic partner of 
synthetic resin, and are working to further maximize our 
corporate values including environmental protection.

PLA MATELS CORPORATION Masahiro Inoue, President

Our company, established at the dawn of the synthetic resin era in March 1952, has grown in step with the technology development of synthetic resin. Meanwhile, we have forged connections with companies in a variety of industries, cultivated knowledge and experience with synthetic resin, and built our efforts as our customer’s strategic partner in a customer-centric manner.
Our advantages include a customer-based sales style which has continued since the establishment of our company, pride in each employee as a professional, and a stable and speedy delivery system. With these advantages, we recognize customer’s issues and supply the best solution to each customer.
M&A has been carried out to overcome global competition as the industry of synthetic resin in Japan is now achieving maturity. In the heated competition, we are focusing on the following two points:
1. To acquire business rights of excellent companies with valuable commercial rights and to address M&A aggressively.
2. To expand overseas bases in order to meet the needs of our Japanese customers of whom are expanding their business to Asia including China.
And then, helping develop high-quality goods “Made by Japan” from Asia to the rest of the world, we are strongly supporting our customers through a stable supply of high-functional materials and a sensitive support system.
While globalization is expanding rapidly, environmental protection is growing as a global major issue. We will contribute to society through promoting environmental-friendly activities and will maximize our corporate values while fulfilling our responsibilities as a company.

Origin of name

Pla Matels, our company name, is derived from the words "plastic" and "materials".