Three Advantage

Abundant supply of materials with a high-value-added engineering plastics

Our company deals with featuring high-value-added plastic materials along with products made of synthetic resin, plastic molding machinery, plastic processing machinery and peripheral equipment. Not supplying just materials and product, we supply information services. In addition, we introduce the sources of required materials according to the customer’s needs and provide support for making choices.

ADVANTAGE1:Trusting partnership

PLA MATELS, established at the dawn of the synthetic resin era, has grown in step with the technology development of synthetic resin and has built partnerships with companies in a variety of industries including consumer electrics, OA equipment, toys, medical equipment, automobiles, and other industries under the slogans: “Viewpoint from the customer” and “The spirit that business is people”. These slogans will continue as our management principles.

ADVANTAGE2:Proposal ability and strong group business

Handling high-value-added goods require specialized knowledge. We, as a professional of plastics, offer highquality proposals combining customers and material suppliers, using not only specialized knowledge but discriminating judgment of technology, marketing power and trading ability. Additionally, we meet customer’s needs more widely and delicately by strong support and network of group companies.

ADVANTAGE3:Stable supply of high-functional materials

PLA MATELS ensures multiple quality suppliers. Therefore, we can supply raw plastic materials as well as other materials and products timely. To accommodate a customer's needs, we ensure multiple dominant and quality suppliers as well as stable delivery over the long term. We also prepare the system to deal with small quantities and a wide variety of materials. We understand the needs of our customers and enable instant delivery.