Our Product

Abundant supply of materials with a high-value-added engineering plastics

Our company deals with featuring high-value-added plastic materials along with products made of synthetic resin, plastic molding machinery, plastic processing machinery and peripheral equipment. Not supplying just materials and product, we supply information services. In addition, we introduce the sources of required materials according to the customer’s needs and provide support for making choices.

Raw plastic materials

We offer a wide range of quality resins focusing on high-value-added materials, including engineering plastic and High-styrene resin.

Engineering plastic

Optical equipment, precision parts, medical products, electronic parts and automobile parts

Styrene resin

Household electronics, stationery, and toys

Olefin resin

Medical products and automotive parts

Other resins

Construction materials, PET bottles, and toys

Raw plastic materials and various synthetic resin products (plastic products)

We offer molded products, including construction materials, artificial grasses and various plastic containers, as well as plastic raw materials. We also cooperate on product development for a customer-requested design and use.

Molding, processing machines, and related equipment

We sell injection machines, extrusion machines and blow molding machines to mold plastic raw material, and related equipment attached to them. We readily accommodate customers’ requests with machinery manufacturers.

Product Lineup

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Plastic name Abbre. Mainstay applications
Polyacetal resin POM Gears, auto parts, audio parts
Polycarbonate resin PC CDs, DVDs, medical products, construction materials
Polymethyl Methacrylate resin PMMA Auto parts (tail lamp lens, meter cover), LCD displays, optical waveguides
Polyamide resin PA Monofilaments, electronic parts
Polybutyrene terephthalate resin PBT Auto parts, connectors
Modified polyphenylene ether resin PPE Printers, copiers, facsimiles
Polyphenylene sulfide resin PPS Motorized parts for household electronics, power modules
Liquid crystalline polymer LCP Optical pickups, hard disk drive parts
Polystyrene resin PS Plastic models, CD cases
Acrylonitrile styrene resin AS Stationery, toys, containers
Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene resin ABS Printer chassis, copiers, PCs
Polypropylene resin PP Auto parts (handles, dashboards, bumpers), syringes
Low density polyethylene LDPE Film, laminate
High density polyethylene HDPE Film, bottles, etc.
Linear low density polyethylene L-LDPE Film
Ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer EVA Artificial grass, mats, film, sheets, packaging materials
Polyvinyl chloride PVC Wallpaper, flooring material, shoe soles, sports products
Polyethylene terephthalate resin PET Nonwoven fabric, film, sheets
Thermoplastic elastomer TPE Polyvinyl chloride substitutes, sports products
Recycled resin Construction materials
Various plastic products Construction materials, packaging materials, sundry items, containers, artificial grass