President Greeting

Your strategic partner in creating the future for plastics together

Pla Matels Corporation
kyota Kishimoto

Over a century has passed since synthetic resins (plastics) began to be used industrially. Today, it is no exaggeration to say that some types of plastic are used --- at least in some parts --- in every product we see in our daily life. Plastics have come to possess the strength, clarity and many other properties that are required for a wide range of applications, often matching or even exceeding those of conventional materials such as metals and glass. From the perspective of sustainability, substitution by plastics lowers the weight of products and thus helps reduce the energy load. High-performance plastic films keep foods fresh and fit for long-term storage, helping address the problems of food shortage and food loss.
Our company was incorporated in 1952, when Japanese industries began to use plastics. We are proud of the experiences and expertise we have accumulated over the six decades as a major trading firm of plastic raw materials. We take pride in providing each of our valued customers with optimum solutions for the selection of plastic raw materials in their new product development, especially engineering plastics that meet the functional requirements to replace metal parts and components. Our network in China and Southeast Asia ensures that they enjoy the same level of stable raw materials supply and other services as they do in Japan to satisfy their diverse needs. We are grateful for the trust our customers place in us.
The advance of the Internet of Things(IoT)is making IT equipment, automobiles, and home appliances more sophisticated, calling for further specialization of the plastic materials used in such products. As plastics are thus becoming increasingly indispensable for comfortable living, we need to be ever mindful of the environmental impacts of plastics in our business operations.Recycling of plastic raw materials and products for both industrial and commodity use is one of the efforts we are actively promoting to protect the environment.
As a professional in plastics, our company is committed to creating the future of plastics, while working to make the most effective use of precious natural resources and minimize impacts on the ecosystem. So, please watch as we continue to progress.

Origin of name:Pla Matels, our company name, is derived from the words "plastic" and "materials".