President Greeting

Your strategic partner in creating the future for plastics together, based on trust

Pla Matels Corporation
Hiroyuki Ii

First, we would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to you for the support you have continued to
provide to our operations and business.

Pla Matels was founded in 1951 as a plastics raw materials trading firm and became a joint-stock
corporation the following year. This year, 2022, the company celebrates its 70th anniversary.
Today, we are celebrating the milestone of the 70th anniversary which has been made possible by
the support that our customers and other stakeholders have kindly given us in many different forms.
We are very grateful for this support.

Since its founding, Pla Matels has been a group of professionals in plastics that has stayed true to
its basic mission of delivering goods and services to wherever they are needed, and it has foreseen
changes in the market to provide advanced materials and integrated services.
By doing this, we have sought to evolve together with our partners to contribute to the expansion of
their businesses.
In this process, we have accumulated unique capabilities that enable us to flexibly implement small
adjustments, make decisions quickly and meticulously meet the needs of customers in their own
unique niches. By continuing strengthen advantages, we will embody our corporate philosophy,
“serve as a strategic partner in the business of plastics.”
The significance of our existence lies in fulfilling our other corporate philosophy, “respect the global
environment and local communities and contribute to industrial circles and society in pursuit of
further growth.”
With the goals of ensuring the efficient use of limited resources and reducing the impact on the
ecosystem, we will stay aggressively committed to the transition to recycling through the addition
of our pursuit of recycling-oriented business to our customer-oriented business. In doing so, as a
part of the Sojitz Group, we will create new value and enrich the future.

The name of our company, Pla Matels, combines “plastic”–which is synonymous with synthetic resin–and “material.”
Always be immediately available to customers, identify the customer's needs from their perspective and contribute globally
to solving the customer’s problems. This is what Pla Matels is about.

I appreciate your continued support and patronage.