Our Work

What kind of concrete job positions are there in a trading company specializing in synthetic resin? There are various “jobs” including cooperation among sales staff, backyard staff and office staff as well as legal affair, employee training and instruction . We will introduce each professional’s “job”.

The work details of a Pla Matels sales staff

What kind of work do sales staff in Pla Matels do?
Let's take a look.

(1)Marketing activities

A customer calls with a new request, and one of our sales staff goes to visit the company.
We believe it is important to meet directly with our customers to accurately grasp their needs.
The customer, which is developing a new printer, specifies the following conditions for the plastic:

  • ●That it be able to withstand high temperatures.
  • ●That it be sturdy.
  • ●That it be sanitary.
  • ●That it have an unusual color.

Our sales staffs are plastics professionals. They respond immediately to requests, and quickly deal with details. A few days later, our sales staff provides the customer with sample materials, and gets the go-ahead to make a trial product.

(2)Request for sample materials

We ask a plastic materials manufacturer to make a plastic material with the following characteristics:

  • ●Heat resistance
  • ●Rigidity
  • ●Knead antibacterial agent
  • ●Special pigmentation

The plastic materials manufacturer dyes and processes ABS resins for us. Each resin has their own characteristics (in terms of rigidity, softness, heat resistance, etc.) which show up in the final molded plastic product. This makes choosing plastic materials very important.

(3)Trial product completed

Several sample materials are made, which our sales staff takes to our customer's factory to make a trial product. The raw materials are placed in a plastic injection molding machine, melted at high temperature, and poured into a metal mold. The finished product is then removed from the mold, and hardened through cooling and drying. The molded plastic product is created through this process, and then examined.

  • ●Did the color come out as envisioned?
  • ●Are there any cracks?

It is extremely difficult to adjust the color so that it comes out just as envisioned. The color of the finished product is compared with the sample color plate. The customer later approves the same materials. The new printer is prepared for volume production.

(4)Official order

An official order arrives from the customer, and the Pla Matels order center sends a request to the plastic materials manufacturer. Pla Matels manages the order from product procurement through delivery to the factory. It takes time before a plastic material is created with just the right color and form. Order management, handled by our proprietary-developed sales system, is essential to ensure the product is delivered to the customer on time so that volume production will not be interrupted. Some of our sales staff spend the entire day working at their PCs managing the large number of product deliveries. Rush orders need to be placed with materials manufacturers immediately. Order management, which demands the accurate fielding of a large volume of orders, is essentially a race against time. Time flies as our staff handles orders by juggling e-mails, FAXs, and phone calls.